Public vs. Private: Benchmarking

Public vs. Private: Benchmarking

Due to being tremendously complex infrastructures, public deployments are highly critical environments, also monitoring standpoint. With the increasing amount of automation, the risk of the double, tripling, n-ipling amount of resource creation is not something unexpected.

Over the weekend I heard from a guy on their over 50 thousand dollars of billing where nobody actually knows spent on what. So, this is where DevOps is coming into the game. I do not think overusing some external APIs would cost some mid-size companies a monthly 50k leak. It's definitely infrastructure guys, it's always you (pun intended)!!

On the other hand, many people complain about the private tooling is time consuming and so forth. I've spent on my first OpenStack project not more than 6 months, results were close to being perfect.

Many similaritites with public environments additionally you are in charge of all the operations. Although the initial investment is big, you will gain over time having less complexity and no 0.0005 cent/hour calculations will turn to be an avalanche.

All the networking, control and data plane implementations should be done manually, but there is beauty in it.

I am planning to extend this post on how I created a long-lasting environment using OpenStack.

As benchmarking I will deploy the production first on to public(AWS), create some traffic and observe the billing over the course 1 month. Same infrastructure I will deploy to OpenStack, of course there will be additional hardware expenses, and lots of setting things up.

AWS environment will roughly look like below. 3AZs, which is typical HA setup.

Cover Image ©: RICS